16.12.2019 | partnership with fosera

Fosera is the German solar pioneer in the field of solar home systems.  Their vision is in line with Solar Connect’s vision of electrifying developing countries with clean, sustainable and affordable solar systems and providing partners with solar solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Fosera is based in Ulm, Germany and has offices in Thailand and Ethiopia. Fosera was awarded the German Sustainability Award in 2018 for its convincing performance. Solar Connect has started to supply materials for Fosera’ s local production in Ethiopia since December 2019.  After some time, Solar Connect has again a partner in Ethiopia, one of the most important off-grid countries in Africa.

15.11.2019 | Expansion of cooperation with omnivoltaic

Omnivoltaic (OVES) is currently the most important supplier of Solar Connect eG. The products of OVES are “State of the Art” and of highest quality – all meet the “Lighting Global Standard”.  OVES has now established a branch in Nairobi with a regional warehouse for East Africa. In the future, this warehouse will serve local customers for whom the import of full containers is often an enormous financial problem. Solar Connect will take over part of the product financing by providing long-term trade credits. A first container for our partners in Kenya and Uganda was shipped in November.   Dr. Huashan Wang is CEO of OVES: “We are proud of the trusting cooperation with Solar Connect. Our joint activities will help our local partners to conduct their business with less capital investment. This will benefit local companies in Kenya in particular, who will now be able to access products more quickly”. 

22.08.2019 | Solar Connect delivers first container for sierra leone

After almost a year of intensive preparations, the first container with solar home systems, lamps, radios and TVs has now been shipped to our new customer Energen WAO in Sierra Leone.  EWAO’s business model is sustainable and responsible – it meets the high social standards and values of Solar Connect. The scope of supply amounts to approx. US$ 250,000, for which a sponsor in the USA has guaranteed. This helped a start-up company that otherwise would not have fulfilled the requirements for a commercial loan of this size. Energen WAO sells its products without intermediate trade directly to end customers, mainly in remote rural areas and provides consumer loans of up to 18 months. A new distribution channel is also the direct sale to civil servants and employees of the public service, or employees of large companies in the country. The loan
rates are deducted directly from the salary over a period of up to 18 months and transferred by the employers to the EWAO. 
Solar Connect eG will continue to follow this innovative sales channel with great attention – it could also be trend-setting for other countries.

05.08.2019 | Solar Connect eg is attractive for foundations

With the joining of the Biohaus Foundation for Environment and Justice plus another family foundation, the number of foundations as members of Solar Connect eG has increased to five. The sustainable and socially responsible business model was convincing for the decision-makers on the respective foundation boards. Two more foundations are currently examining the possibility of becoming involved in Solar Connect. In order to emphasize this importance, Willi Ernst, a representative of the foundation, was elected to the Supervisory Board.

25.07.2019 | Solar Connect EG ends partnership with stiftung solarenergie (Freiburg)

We are distancing ourselves from our appeal for donations to the Stiftung Solarenergie (among others on YouTube Kanal Zukunfterde) and do not currently recommend this foundation. 

Based on German tax law, Solar Connect eG is not allowed to accept “tax free” donations. However, we will gladly forward requests for donations to the Biohaus Foundation for Environment and Justice .  The work of this foundation is in line with our goals and values. For example, the largest solar mini grid plant in Haiti was built and operated by the foundation after the devastating earthquakes and hurricanes of recent years. The Biohaus Foundation has been a member of Solar Connect eG since 2018.

10.06.2019 | New Website

Our new website is online:

01.06.2019 | New Office Location

We moved our office – our new location:

Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 30
85570 Markt Schwaben, Germany
Telefon: +49 (0)8121 – 7609340

2018 – highlight | dutch doen foundation supports solar connect activities

The DOEN Foundation is a subsidiary of the Dutch state lottery companies and supports sustainable projects and organizations worldwide. The foundation pursues development policy goals to promote a green, socially inclusive and more creative society. DOEN’s philosophy:

  • The capacity of the planet is the starting point (green);
  • Anyone can participate where people work together and help each other taking into account their individual needs and
    opportunities (socially inclusive);
  • Art and culture are central – without them no society can exist (creative).


The DOEN Foundation provided Solar Connect 2017 with a long-term loan of 500.000€ Wolfgang Gregor: “One of the most renowned partners gave us the recognition with its trust in our model. In addition, the conditions are unique – including interest-free in the first three years.”