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Become a member

You can become an investing member of Solar-Connect eG in two easy steps:

  1. complete the declaration of accession in full, sign it in its original form and send it to Solar-Connect eG, Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 30, D – 85570 Markt Schwaben
    Please note: Electronic transmission is not sufficient.

At the same time, transfer your cooperative share (of at least 2,000 euros) plus a one-off 5% administration fee (max. 1,000 euros) in full to our account:

IBAN: EN58 6809 0000 0036 6287 07
Volksbank Freiburg eG

Please indicate “Cooperative shares” as the intended purpose.


  1. After acceptance of the declaration of accession by the Board of Directors of Solar-Connect eG, you shall receive a written confirmation of membership from us.


Economic activity, social responsibility and ecological sustainability do not have to be opposites. As an investing member you participate in the economic success of our cooperative – and at the same time enable social and sustainable development in our partner countries.

Investing members acquire at least 10 shares in the cooperative, which corresponds to an amount of 2,000 euros. Beyond the minimum share, you may acquire as many additional shares as you wish at 200 euros. There is no obligation to make additional contributions.

As a member, you will be regularly informed about the activities of Solar-Connect eG. Once a year you also have the opportunity to attend the general assembly of Solar-Connect eG. The general assembly also decides on the distribution of profits. We expect an annual dividend of approx. 3% for members.

If you wish to terminate your membership, you have two options:

  • You terminate your membership by giving two years’ notice;
  • you immediately transfer (sell) your shares to another person who then becomes a member.


Your commitment enables

  • households and families the purchase of a solar system
  • the creation of jobs and the development of a local solar trade
  • sustainable social and economic development in developing countries

Even with the minimum share of 2,000 euros you can – depending on the size – enable up to 15 households to purchase a solar system. And not just once, but continuously! Because as soon as a solar system is paid off, your capital will be used to finance further solar systems.

Recommend us to relatives, friends, acquaintances and business partners. Show these people our homepage. We would also be happy to send non-binding information about our cooperative to people of your choice. Please contact us!

Organise lectures at which we would be happy to introduce the cooperative. Do you know groups, associations or initiatives that might be interested in our cooperative? Please contact us!


The investment in Solar-Connect eG represents an economic investment that is associated with specific risks. These are based, for example, on political instability, currency risks or payment defaults. At Solar-Connect eG we have taken numerous precautions to minimise the business risk (internal control, diversification across various partner countries, creation of reserves). We consider the targeted selection of partners as essential as part of a professional economic review before we commence business with them. However, there is no absolute certainty, in the worst case your invested capital may be lost. After five years of operations, there have been no total losses so far (as of 12/2019).

To reduce risk, we are striving to split our client portfolio into 60% A clients, 30% B clients and 10% C clients. Our A-clients have good credit ratings or alternatively secure their trading activities with good guarantees. We deliberately avoid bank guarantees. For our B customers, the guarantees to be provided may be of lower quality. In exceptional cases, we sometimes waive guarantees if there is already a long-term business relationship based on trust. We deliberately take a higher risk with C customers. They are mostly young start-ups that cannot provide any reliable guarantees. However, we require first-class references from all our customers, e.g. from their suppliers or business partners.